The pink and the gritty.

With a background in the arts, crafting, plus her love of music and literature, her work focuses on illustrative text in photographs and on occasion, the merger of the two together. Her inspiration is drawn from music, places and most importantly, love.  

Her off-time is spent going on hikes through forests, exploring cities, two-stepping and toe-tapping to hip-hop or head bobbing to indie. Her day job involves digital marketing, design and ground ops for a tech events company. 

Nov 2016. on hiatus for the time being, while I recalibrate my life and figure out new works. Find me on

Feb 2021. Working on a passion project that I hope to be the culmination of my life's work. Also, I will be slowly changing things around and uploading stuff over time.

I want my work to impact others the way it has impacted my life.


So Happy: 50 Years of Singapore Rock, 2015
Manifesto Found Art by Lululemon Athletica (wall mural), 2014
Kult Girls of the Underground, Kult Gallery, 2014
Popin Open Call, The Arts House, 2013
Shots exhibition 3: InstaArtists - A Crowdsourced Art Exhibition, Shots Cafe, 2012
Nixon Art Mosh, Old School, 2011
Ladyfest Singapore, Instinct Gallery, 2005

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