Tuesday, July 29, 2014


In the midst of doing a serious overhaul of this site, re-structuring and figuring out how best to showcase my works and archive all the work I've done the past fifteen years or so which is made up of a lot of photographs. So not a lot of updates for now, but here's a photo of Alleycat being a busybody while I was re-shooting my old works last week.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Car Park Route

I hadn't done much exploring as of late, mostly cos of work and school and just plain 'ol laziness. But then there comes a time where having to do so becomes imperative for if not, I'd go insane. So I had it planned to do so right after my end-of-module assessment last month.
We hit two car parks. Just more to add to my ongoing series of gloomy grey grimy parking lots. Maybe the norm would find me strange, that maybe parking lots have some form of related characteristic to my life. I doubt so. I don't think I have such a void in me that is damp and still. But maybe, no…not maybe. I just view things differently.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

From the ps show.

Plain Sunset - The Gift 10 year anniversary show.

Plain Sunset are one of those bands that outlive everyone, and I'm only referring to the local indie scene. Having been around since 1996, it is no wonder to how large a following they have. Having known them since 1999 or so and been their "official" photographer at one point, needless to say, my archive of them over the years is aplenty. I was there when they first released The Gift album and some of the photos I took then were flashed on the screen during their 10 years anniversary show last weekend. They may all be older and married now, but you can always still count on jumping shots during Find A Way. That song still gets me all choked up and even more so cos Ronny(their old drummer and also former M12 drummer *ahem*) came up on stage to play a few old ones with them. 


I met Trishy about two years ago, she had been going back and forth between Singapore and Vancouver where she lives now and has been for the past few years. She's one of the most likable/loveable people I have ever met and she makes jewelry. Having started making little dainty bead and threaded bracelets and necklaces, last year she progressed into making sterling silver jewelry under the name, WYLDEN.

She asked if I could take a few shots of her for her site just when I asked if I could do the same for my so called portrait project.


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